Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Letting the wasp have it!

Having been pried from my very cosy cell to the outside world for tea and a chat, by a friend (who’s an excellent photographer and even greater witterer), but who sensibly passed over my offer for lunch for better fare - due to his later visit to a temple -, meant that after i’d finished tucking into a few legs of freshly spiced chicken, as luck would have it a wasp discovered the plate, and started to heartily tuck in too.  

Ordinarily the “it’s a wasp, bat it,” reaction would have kicked in, bugger the possibility of being on the receiving end of a very hundred stings; but on this occasion i just sat, in fact we both just sat and watched it, whilst continuing out conversation.  If it did venture too close, then we slightly edged back until it re-commenced attacking the chicken.

The upshot is two pics below (before and after) taken using friend's motorola d-something.

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