Thursday, 24 December 2009

Taxing happiness

It's amazing how people are quick to accept the worst (when it concurs) with what they expect, yet you can talk till your blue in the face and they just won't believe - but tell them what it is they wish to hear (true or false) and they'll hang onto those slivering scintillas like words of laws etched in stone.
So it was with the failed copenhagen climate summit - no really it was a momentous failure. We can already see the next bubble finding its feet, testing its bonds, flexing its teeth, as it will (in time) be another global behemoth added to the bills that we pay through sites which will have passed the veterinary test of anodyne inanity especially when they come to fully opening for your loyal injection or compulsory patriotic voluntary vote.
But things really go down hill after you pick the wrong contestant to win in the national v-factor, and you only evade communal-sanction by correctly placing your "x" next to the "correct" overlord in the nepac elections. Not to worry. Everything will be hunky everything will be dory; but above all, everyone will be happy!

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