Friday, 25 December 2009

Merrymass messages

In today's world you can't change your mind - changing your mind shows indecisiveness, caving in, being supine, falling under a guise, being a ditherer, neither martha nor arthur, in the air, air-head, wishful thinker; whilst going from birth to death in randomly different ways (even though on that final day our bodies slowly decay into worm food or take the quick flash-burn into energised atoms) is akin to a cardinal sin (to borrow from the floweriness of the rosary convention) unless, of course, you have the ability to snook-a-took at the mores, conventions and chains that tie you into our modern-cohesive-social-inequality prisons which dictate that you're doing okay, or will be okay, just as long as you put these blinkers on and don't deviate to far against the norms; sure make billions but don't obviously rip too many people off, or if you do (and get caught) don't look too smug; yes in the name of profit screw those far poorer just to cream that extra one tenth of a hundredth of a thousandth of a percent to show your competitor (or fellow presidents) who rules the roost, after all its only lip-service cutting the ribbon then adding an extra swiss zero: before flowing on to say things will get better as communities the world over cling to unending years of indentured hopefulness.

Oh, nearly forgot.

Merry cmas one and all.

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