Sunday, 13 December 2009

Stools of wrath

The uk government's recently (couple of days ago) been accused of treating religions like a problem?

  • Pilgrim fathers
  • Catholics vs. protestants
  • Missionaries (destroying other people beliefs and ways of life)
  • Jihads
  • Crusades (for bits of parched land)
  • Dunking stools
  • Stonings
  • Cutting off of hands
  • Human sacrifices
  • Inquisitions (of which the current pope b has more in common with the fourth innocent pope than with one leg of the trinity)

Maybe the government should tag the belief in religions as a form of delusional insanity, which like drugs (ecstacy, prozac, ritilin, cocaine) help to keep people happy and wide swathes of populations contentedly subdued until they need to be roused to a wrath for the next cause.

And yes the "secular" (global grouping) side has had its fair share of over-exuberant proponents, but they tend not to keep hostilities going millenia in, millenia out.

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