Saturday, 11 April 2009

Nothing's ever perfect

So much to do, so little time and a quarter of the year's already slipped into the clutches of history, whoever records that history. 

But at least in the future, if bright sparks ensure the technical information regarding the plethora of codecs are kept, our descendents will be able to enjoy streaming hours of chortling fun wondering how we managed to survive and even more amazed at why we would watch knowing, directly into their cortex.




Kettling and the herding of dissenters, as all protesters are potential terrorists/anarchists and "deserve what they get."

The cafetiere's on and they're huddling around after the bust up (well except in metropolitan suburbs after inter-racial riots).

Bosses send out emails or sms's informing employees they're fired. Employees grumble, shout a few words then shuffle off to the dole queue.

Workers receive emails. Proceed to lock bosses in broom cupboards, dust off and put on scratched editions of la terreur blanche.

Police and strikers stand around, barracking, goading each other, exuding nothing but loathing and pure contempt.

Police and strikers barrack and goad each other, then afterwards get down to a good chin-wag, some decent lunch and talk about the shocking state of the world.

Renaissance in the home cooking of cabbage.

Wondering who in their right mind would eat bubble & squeak.

Starting to realise the thatcher & blair years might not have been quite so enjoyable, for the vast majority after all.

Trying to catch up to the thatcher & blair years.

And as the start of another good friday comes to an end, it's good to know that at least the weather is keeping to the wonderful tradition of providing a cold, rain-sodden, miserable bank holiday experience.

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