Friday, 1 January 2016

And a jolly happy one

Yes a jolly happy 2016 to one and all; which will be the most bit of happiness and cheer i'll be spouting for the next 365 days, as this year's a gorgeous leap year, or a year with an extra day of misery to wade through, before it's all over.

But the year's still young, hope and joviality's fresh in peoples minds, relatively untrammelled, and fresh with promise... which means it should soon come crashing down and be all over by noon.

Why my positive thoughts you might ask?  Well, for starters, and following the opinion  of experts, 2016 and el nino will probably mean it'll be hotter than 2015 and with yet another year of weather records potentially waiting to fall, it's seriously time to consider having a solar collecting, water filtering, salad growing inflatable to hand for emergencies, floods, earthquakes and rising tides. 

However, it wasn't just that cheery thought which set my teeth chattering; no, with the dog hours of the year nearly buried, so was plans for an inquiry into the banking culture, behaviour and pay, by the financial authority.  Neatly brushed away as been too difficult to look into, and really, don't you know, all those misdemeanour’s happened ages ago.  So do mind that little bit of a hump beneath the carpet, as you're going through brown-paper-revolving directorshipland. 

Not to be outdone in the "hated by the public" stakes, small businesses are now complaining of the onerous rules and regulations they are been forced to endure, such as having to pay people a living wage, after all having one set of armani wear hanging in the walk-in, and cutting down to 26 business flights a year, is just, unthinkable.

However, it's not yet noon ... happy 2016!

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