Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Where indeed is the revolution!

Sometimes, browsing through the treacherous waters of the interwebs, you come across comments that you're fully in agreement with....

"There's nothing the British like better than pissing on their peers. The media play up to it, and politicians give them a whole load of ammunition. Forget corrupt politicians filling their pockets (and still doing so); forget corrupt police; forget corrupt media - the ones spreading the government message and urging them to go further; forget corrupt bankers fucking up the country; forget corrupt businessmen screwing the poor at home and abroad and screwing the taxpayer by shoving their tax into Monaco, the Caymans, and Jersey; what people like to do is grumble that someone next door is on "HUGE" benefits of a few quid a week, having the nerve to have their rent paid by the state, and "would you believe it?" they still have money for two pints of beer a week!
Fucking wake up Britain!"
TheGreatRonRafferty, 3 July 2012,

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