Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bus strike and the god particle

How indeed can the two be remotely related, not much but hey ho...  on the same day the probability of the god particles existence is definitively annouced, tfl send out an email announcing 3 days of potential strikes by bus drivers, starting on the 5th.

3 days!

The same 3 days the father of the genocidal benign had his son in a tomb (if memory from my indoctrination days serves me correct), or 3 crooks hung on crosses, or 3 heads of the apocalypse (or is that...), the 3 stooges, musketeers, rivers of babylon and so on.

The serendipitous nature of this is staggering, it might mean, if there's no noticeable increase in car traffic, that at various times during the day (well actually the night-time when the benighted individuals are unable to find the off switch) the air in this locale will be devoid of the ever-present tell-tale smell of foul bus emissions, which like some miasmic offshoot descending from the depths of the above to the under-bits of hades himself (a boson or two if you will), seemingly forever clings to the nasal passages polluting each breadth you take.

But why leave it at 3 days!  Why don't they strike for 365 days, then perhaps we can have a load of new drivers who know how to switch off their engines, instead of thumbing their continual disregard towards residents in areas where stands have being deposited against residents wishes, and hopefully then london, and every other city suffering the same problem, might be able to breath that little bit easier.

Oh yes, what the b*!!*cks does head of consultation delivery actually mean?

19:02hrs found out tomorrows (today's) strike's being suspended!  Bah!

Details of the (now off) bus strike, and for those who haven't yet heard, details of cerns almost more likely than how-long's-a-piece-of-string, higgs discovery.

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