Monday, 14 March 2011

Queen bee

A bee, which at this time of year and by its size alone makes it a queen bee, flew from behind the radiator before being liberated into the poisonous air of lambeth.

I was happily minding my own business, alternating between the disasters in sendai, the murder fields of ivory coast and the blood-letting in libya (watch the soon to be hand-wringing of pious nations) after mg gains full-control, and listening to the low level of corporate convictions when it comes to manslaughter, when what sounded like a small helicopter taking off filled the room. 

Indeed it was.  A queen bee had popped from god knows where, as all the holes (bar any behind the radiator) have over the past few years been studiously filled, and i seriously doubt it had silently crawled in through the open window in the bathroom at the back of the property to launch itself from the floor,once it had reached the front room!

Initial thoughts of squashing it quickly fled, as despite my apparent general loathing of humanity (which really isn’t the case), I do like and enjoy nature as long as it isn’t crawling all over me or trying to consume me; so i quickly thought about retrieving a glass bottle before it disappeared from sight somewhere, when it buzzed up a storm zooming up the net, eventually becoming trapped between it and the window until I opened the window allowing its flight to freedom - once it traversed one of the most polluted roads in london.

Ah yes proof…

DSC00361 DSC00359 DSC00360

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