Friday, 25 March 2011

Heaven nirvana sto'vo'ko forefend

Just for a moment, consider.

Why would any being (who wasn’t narcissistically looking at themselves through their nether regions or a complete control freak) who created trillions of fast moving objects, start smiting the inhabitants of one trillionth of a trillion or some other small number on a spinning ball of mud in a backwater of a galaxy which will soon (in universal time) smash into another galaxy of similar size, which will reset those galaxies biological clocks to zero unless any sentient and intelligent inhabitants pop out and off sometime before that all takes place, be concerned whether those inhabitants pay him/her/it any obsequious homage whatsoever, or even be bothered if they knew he/she/it existed?

I can create a black hole, but you aren’t paying me a tenth of your earnings - so you’ll burn in everlasting fire, and so on.  Sounds like something a financier would dream up…

Perhaps the creator so many religionists' believe in started life as a banker!

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