Thursday, 10 June 2010

"Buses - Noise Issues with 242 Bus, from Hackney

A resident of powerscroft road asked whether the extension of the 308 bus route will effect the workings of the 242 as that bus is already causing lots of noise pollution in the area due to squealing brakes etc. The questioner also asked whether the current model of bus on the 242 route could not replaced with a single decker.

In reply steve said that tfl has taken up the brakes issue with arriva and again agreed to feedback to tfl resident’s concerns re: noise."

That was 2003/4.

Seven years later, you would have thought a capital-wide improvement would have launched, finally put this thing out of its misery. Sadly not.

But how have things improved?
  1. Increase frequency of buses utilising terminus's.
  2. Increase in driver pay.

How have things worsened for residential victims?
  1. Increasing frequency of drivers not switching off their engines whilst stationary (multiplied by many hundreds per day)
  2. Increase in frequency of drivers using their horn to say hello, say goodbye.
  3. Increase in squealing brakes.
  4. Increase in pollution due to (see 1).
  5. Increase in vibration (severe, see 1).
  6. Increase in drivers two-fingers to anything said by customer services, the bus garage, their operators, rule 124 of the highway code, their training...

... this could go on, but lunch is calling.

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