Friday, 30 October 2009

UK inflation — 35%

Ah yes the headline grabbing kicker, let met explain.

35% is how much the cost of a good nights sleep has increased by, if you’re dependent on a steady supply of earplugs to keep 22hr noise at bay.  So sadly nothing about hotel chains, or the H1 virus affecting the supply of geese or ducks, mortgages or rpi basket which contains most of the things lots of people don’t actually buy, but the simple local supply of earplugs. 

Yes that stalwart mainstay of many noise challenged whingers has increased in price by a whopping 35%, in one foul swoop, to an outrageous £2.29p.  Which means a years supply has increased from £87.88 to £118.64p.  Inflation busting indeed.

A years supply? 

Those living in noise blighted environs will know exactly what it is I’m muttering about.  The sort of place where no matter the time of morning, afternoon, evening, or night — strangely though excluding christmas day, the noise is sufficient to keep your nerves on permanent inflation-35pcentblood boiling saw meets freddy edge.  

So what should the headline kicker actually say?

Earplug inflation in a pharmacy somewhere in the uk’s sw2 postal area, is up by 35%.  As true and accurate as that is, it just doesn’t have the same bite.

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