Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Marching productivity

When the last person on the planet becomes superfluous to employability, as machines capable of doing everything take over; what alternative will there be for the 9+ billion inhabitants of bipedal earth caught on the endless cusp of a commercial, political, go-getting, “work is your life” productivity mantra; when the last meaningful jigsaw of hour grabbing necessity is finally handed over to never-weary, 100% self-repairing, bio-mechanical ai’s, leaving the masses with nothing more concrete than a life of dreamful idleness; what will become of the species?

Easy, nannybot will not only take care of little jill & jo — without molesting them, but also look after the needs and welfare of grandpa jack & grandma josephine, whilst making dinner, vacuuming, ensuring the fridge is fully stocked, all home repairs don— damn those jetsons!

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