Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Eat thyself future boy

My initial thoughts upon seeing the super-soldier of the future (2030) skirted the flippant nonsensical - bit like this particular post, to wondering why they were wasting so much money, time and unnecessary duplication; when a flash of perspiration dribbled down my chin.

Images and photo courtesy of newscientist  usarmy although for some strange reason the photo image from the usarmy only popped up after been accessed via google, and not direct - so had to do a bit of shopping... eek!


Someone had solved all those particular problems (if in a slightly less hi-tech way) thousands of years ago. Just point a stick and say your cause is just and true.  Voilà! Before you know it a crusade or jihad.  Problem solved. Instant, thoughtless (apart from what you tell them to think), fighting machines.

Doped up - so as not to think.  Shocked - to know when to think. But they forgot to include the micro-bacterial food implants which would provide months of nourishment at a time.  The little critters will be taking all the energy they'd need from available light, the soldiers recyclables (yes in keeping with the tone of a previous post, what i meant to say is; shit, piss) and moisture from the air. 

Oh yes, nothing nicer than nourishing yourself.

Perhaps it's me but i'm thinking, just change the colour slightly...   and...


its a starship trooper.

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