Monday, 12 November 2007

Burning Olympic dustbins.

It's been a fun day, starting late in the morning with the burning down of a bus depot in east London. Part of the slowly growing 2012 Olympic area. Luckily, at this stage, no one appears to be hurt!

The only depressing bit occurred whilst watching every other scrolling news report, strap-lining across the bottom of the screen saying, "not thought to be an act of terrorism", as if every incident, scorched bit of earth, is down to a bunch of huddled terrorists in the eastern borders of Pakistan plotting (even if they are) to do everything in their power to down the democracies of the west.

More likely its a contractor not wishing to fork out the exorbitant cost of having to legally dispose of all that crap. What better way of saving a fortune whilst also collecting a bit of insurance by having the whole lot go skyward, instead of to recycling.

Here's a few ground level pictures from roughly, 9.3 miles away...

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