Saturday, 25 January 2014


"Yes, we strike another body blow to the nonsense parading itself as democracy and freedom. From here on in we, the All-she-he-bees, ban all of that mixed shaking and passing on of sweat or bodily dna, between everyone everywhere which is of a physical nature. Indeed this strike is to the foundations of individualism, dictating that all procreation be carried out by turkey basters and a no-nonsense test-tube.

Naturally some of us have to be exempt from such conscription’s, as that is the will of the host on high.

However in the meantime:
  • No handshaking!
  • No looking in the same direction of anyone else for the purposes of sex! 
  • No eating in the same room! 
  • Actually, no living in the same town as anyone else, for the purposes of anything!

This pronouncement is the will of the most high - as divined by our balmy teacher.”

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