Sunday, 13 October 2013

I understand... happiness

I understand the need (in a different parallel universe of course) to find and create profligate amounts of time to be happy; believe me there's nothing more i would find happier than, for however brief the moment, been on a platform watching the whole planet been sucked into a ravenous black-hole.

Knowing my luck however, the platform would be on the facing side, as the planet was gripped in the death-throes of the beasts itsy-bitsy maw.

So, you might wonder, what's prompted this interlude of “fun”? It was a comment (which i'm still pondering whether to allow) I received on a post to do with “hfo and unprofessional ethics” . As i'm commenting on it I suppose it'd be rude not to – saying that "it is the time to be happy." Which is wonderful if that's what they really want. I can only assume they'd failed to read any other post apart from that one entry, and so missed the realisation that I'm happiest wallowing in the miserableness which surrounds me like a pack of killer whales spying a seal, obliviously basking on an ice-floe, thank you very much. Weight goes up pants tighten, weight goes down pants fit, an easy equation to jog through life by, especially considering that one day none of it will matter.

If you do wish to visit the site the unknown person mentioned, it is called It will make you like yourself, it will make you enjoy you're couch potato lifestyle with some exercising and nutrition, enabling you to become a truly productive member of society (what on earth for?), so if that's your bag, then please do head over. On the other hand, if you wish to endure depressing, lip-curdling rubbish, there's no need to go any further. Indeed, have a stroll through the archives and see if there's anything which has you reaching for the close-tab icon, or preferably have you rip the telephone cable from the wall socket to strangle next doors cat with, which has plopped one deposit too many on your prize now-shrivelled hydrangeas!

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