Saturday, 22 December 2012


Well it seems we're all still here -or lots of us still are anyway.  Those who said the mayans prophesied our doom and gloom shouldn't however feel disheartened, despite the doomsday counter failing to eke its way past zero on this instance, the 188th doomsday date predicts the return of jesus  somewhere between 2018-2028.  Should the 188th not pan out the 189th will be taking place somewhere between 2020-2037 and on a friendly street near you.

In the meantime, and back to 2012, wouldn't it be wonderful if on December 31st in whichever time zone hits midnight, everyone (or as many as felt keen) danced gangnam style in a show of peace harmony and happiness.  Now that would be something to take into the new year on a brazier of hope.

p.s: Yes it is me talking... No, i haven't been ganked by a pod person!

p.p.s: In case i don't manage to splurge another few tappings out before the end of this year, wishing everyone a wonderful season festivities and superb 2013.

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