Thursday, 1 December 2011


Someone asked met the other day whether i was still doing my blog - obviously not a reader.

"Yes. Still plodding along, putting ragged fingernail to chipped 'board.  How about you?"

"Doing really good, even starting to get income from it."

"That's nice.  What's the secret of your success," i unerringly queried.

"Easy.  Just give people something that makes them feel good or makes them laugh, or informs or educates.   Some people will be more than happy to come back and be outraged - as long as you playfully tweak their nose."  Then he turned to me, "but you only do periodic partial outrage, without the cutting final thrust and twist.  You do a smorgasbord of utterances in a world where people increasingly want particularity!"

I pondered a bit before partially agreeing.  But even with data aggregation, there just isn't enough time to drill down, watch, opine on all the things i have a viewpoint on - strong or otherwise.  Luckily, it's that time of year again when the pictures have to do it all for me.

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