Thursday, 3 November 2011

A time of firsts

Oh it brought a tear to the eye watching people around the middle-east and africa rising up against their one time liberators turned dictators, sadly some uprisings were far more bloody than others, and with the odd one or two still raging it at least proves people can only be ground down so far.  

In a year or more, when the scrutinereal eye of the rest of the international community once more lands its myopic gaze over that part of the world, i wonder if they'll be reporting that the newly unyoked have refrained from forcing newly minted yokes on to recently shackled batches, of the most unwilling!

Time indeed will tell.

Then there's yet another tear, as the 99 per centers around the globe protested, saying "enough is enough."  Some protesters doing nothing more than giving expression using one of the last means at their disposal (the others being the ballot, or out and out revolution), earned serious injury after been hit by over-zealous law-enforcement projectiles, bolstering other people into joining the protesters..  The corporate ravens and lick spittle allied against 98.99% of the rest of population, including the armed forces.  That, if anything, should be extremely interesting to watch.

So a hearty cheer for the 99%, and let this be the breath of air that will finally galvanise an almost stupid electorate (don't worry, putting myself in to this category quite heartily, before anyone blurts) into demanding that politicians not do the usual and promise on the ever-never, but put actual legislation into effect.

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