Friday, 21 May 2010

Synthetic life

On hearing that synthetic life has been created and a new dawn expectantly flashing it's peepers over the horizon, it was depressing to read that as far as the creator's (dr. venter) concerned, it will usher in a brave new industrial revolutionary world.

So basically, more of what we've had since the last brave industrial dawn but more tetchy; which entails the same proportionate number of people on the bottom living like crap, those in the middle bobbing up and down, and the creamers on the pinnacle.

Yay. Oh joy of trickle down joy!

I can just see people bringing out the tambourines, as they realise they won't have to work 50+ hours a week, as an ever increasing quantity of production's done by increasingly advanced bots. Oh wait, that was just a science fantasy in the 60's; in the real world people will be laid off as more work's undertaken by fewer people, as that's just the way the system (if we take the last 2000+ years of precedence) has been tweaked as normal.

When dr. venter says "they could help wean us off oil and reverse some of the damage to the environment by capturing carbon dioxide." Will that be everyone, or just those who can pay with the rest using the same old crap?

What? Rubbish?

Just look around, just look around.

I do believe it goes something like… “i bow down before our new artificial synlords.”

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