Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Trailer trash

Tired of having shows trailed for new season airings, only to see that the "big-tits" have decided in their usual way that people in a different country/continent can't watch, as they’re still waiting for the electronic transfer from the highest bidder there to flag up. 

It’s so reminiscent of that region 0-5 thing that handicapped (for two weeks) dvd players, that worked out so well.  Sort of telling people for years that “of course dvd’s cost $20 to produce, it’s an expensive process.”  Yes, expensive on their livers.

Have they learnt?  Of course not, but despite the “trillions” they're losing every year due to global piracy and talent draining from the industry, they still have enough billions to spend on films, hundreds of millions on star salaries, have the most lavish parties, awards, hire teams of lawyers, teams of judges, even teams of politicians - scrub that last bit, as we know anything over 1,000 (put your denomination here) is enough to start rubbing that particular shaft of political jiggery-pokery.

So as they still decide that we can watch when they feel we can, or listen to things only when they deem fit, I and I'm sure many others have decided that once that "cannot be viewed or listened to in your country" caption pops up, then on the block list it goes.

"Aren't you just cutting off your nose to spite your face," I hear you ask.
If it's working for the media-tits then there must be something to it. 

So when not wasting my time no longer listening or watching much, where does it all go....


Now where have i mislaid my billions?

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