Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Misunderstood america?

Must be the time of year...

In the pub the local pub a conversation's going on between an american tourist and a local.

"God you bloody americans."


"You invade any country that's got anything you really want. Topple governments you hate, vilify anyone who thinks differently, and give us your nasty mcdonalds and fries as trinkets and jewels!"


"You produce 25% of the world's pollution, eat 50% of the worlds food!"


"Is that all your going to say!"

A moment passes by in pure silence.  Other tables are listening waiting for the response.

"Sorry bub," the tourist says and putting his hand into his jacket, starts to take something out.

The local dives under the table scattering drinks. Others run around in all directions screaming hysterically.

"You okay," the tourist asks looking on at the mayhem. "Just checking the batteries on my hearing aid!"

Not sure why it tickled me. Considering the daily death toll occurring around the globe. But it did.

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