Sunday, 10 February 2008

Regurgitating Interwebties.

Apart from the high flying academics, hob-nobs of the Interwebty, the soon to be regurgitatives - this year's graduates. I'm not sure how many of us are able to get our heads around the rapid change in technology occurring all around us and in so many fields.

Perhaps that is why an increasing number are taking solace in the blandness of reality shows, binge drinking or heading off to new less busy pastures to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

How many of us want to spend hours after a long hard day/evening or night in the office, once home, to start digesting information we haven't had to think about since leaving the last term/semester of school, college or university?

Even so, all the current crop of wonderful new gadgets which are wonderful and fantastic, will be paling in comparison to those around the corner and actively in the pipeline. But we'll be understanding less and less about their intricate insides. And the only way of fixing something that goes wrong, will simply mean throwing the item away and buying a new one, until we run out of resources that is!

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