Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I must say I am more than happy with my google email. Much better than my old yahoo or AOL one or for that matter hotmail. That one had more spam per day than I had original emails in a month.

But every now and then one slips through. I suppose at this particular juncture, even automation has its limit.

But after receiving an email starting

Resolution Panel On Contract Payment (Atm-822)
FROM SENATE PRESIDENT .... etc., etc., etc.

My hackles, which would normally be raised in indignant annoyance, resolutely stayed unruffled. Instead, my fingers immediately moved the mouse upwards and just clicked the report spam button.

No fuss, no clicking on a link to see whether this was that one off. That just in case! After all, if you were in line for hundreds of millions, you would expect they'd have done some homework like your correct name and have parked outside a limousine ready to take you to the bank! As that hasn't happened, I can take it this is just another sad attempt to part me from my banking details. Unlike Mr Jeremy Clarkson however, I shan't be giving my details out, whilst saying do your worst!

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